Making pierogies

Learn To Make Pierogies

Do you want to learn to make pierogies? We’ll teach you how! Watch the announcements for our next pierogi-making party and then just show up. We’ll put you to work and will teach you how to make them in the process!

Pierogi Ordering and Pick-Up

Call (972) 618-3852 or the parish office to place an order if you’d like to make sure we’ll have the type and quantity you desire.

If you’d like to take your chances, visit us during coffee hour following Sunday Liturgy and ask one of the ladies what’s available. All pick-ups are at St. Sophia’s. No order is too big or too small!

Pierogi, perogi, pierogy, perogy, pierógi, pyrogy, pyrohy, pirohi, varenyky, vareniki, вареники…
whatever you call them, we have ’em!

-Potato with Sauerkraut-
-Potato with Farmer’s Cheese-
-Potato with Cheddar Cheese-
-Potato with Onion-
-Potato with Jalapeño-

At ONLY $8 a dozen, we recommend you try them all!

How to Cook Pierogies

According to Daria: Defrost the pirogies and boil them for about 9 minutes, or until they float. While they’re boiling, put some butter in your pan and fry up some onions until they’re beautifully buttery golden brown. Serve the pirogies with the fried onions and some sour cream. Mmmmmm….