October 2nd, 2011

Manna Cards

They say you can’t get something for nothing, but they’re wrong! You can get a gift card to use at your favorite restaurant or store just as you would use cash and the church will get a percentage of your purchase amount! That’s right… it’s a fundraiser that is free. Choose cards for stores you frequent so you can use them yourself and give them as gifts.

1. Log onto mannaexpress.net and click on “Vendor List
2. Choose which gift cards you would like to order.
3. Fill out an order form (available at church)
4. Make check payable to “Sisterhood of St. Sophia”
5. Enjoy your gift cards while St. Sophia enjoys a percentage of your purchase!

Everyone Wins!

Please contact Daria for more details or to place your orders. There is a list of vendors available at St. Sophia for those who do not have access to a computer. The choices sometimes change, but here is a small sample of the gift cards you can choose as of October 2, 2011 along with the amount the church will receive from your purchase. To see the full and up-to-date list of available choices, go to the Manna Group Scrip Company’s Vendor List hereRead more…