Discussion Questions

In the Beginning…
Creation Day 1
God Separated the Light from the Dark; Jesus is the Light of Life.
(Genesis 1:1-5 and John 8:12)

1) Who are the three persons in the Trinity? Who is God?

2) What is the theology (message) behind crossing ourselves? Why do we do it?

3) How did Andrei and Daniel encourage each other to grow in holiness?

4) How did St. Patrick rely on God during his time as a slave? Is it evident that he lived this way for the rest of his life? How do you know?

5) What evidence is there in your life that you rely on God? How do you show it?

6) Are you teaching others about God with your life? How do your actions prove or disprove your statements?

7) What are three ways we can use our bodies while worshiping or in prayer to express spiritual truths?

8) Identify three Christian communities that actively help you to work out your salvation. How do you help or serve others in each of these communities?

9) What is the role of the Bible in our understanding of the physical world? How does this contrast to the role of science in our lives?

10) Why do the Greek fathers teach that the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father, and not that the Holy Spirit proceeds from both the Father and the Son?
Discussion Questions