Glossary of Terms
You might find some terms used on our website new or confusing. Not only do we have a lot of weird terms that you may never have heard of before, but worse, we use many of the same terms but refer to totally different things! It keeps us on our toes!
Here is a quick glossary for some of the most confusing terms with the Byzantine word bolded….
Ark (Kivot): Tabernacle
Chrismation: Confirmation
Diskos: Paten
Eparch: Bishop
Eparchy: Diocese
Great Fast: Lent
Hierarch: Bishop
High Place: Bishop’s Throne
Lention: Purificator (Red)
Mystery: Sacrament
Mystical: Sacramental
Nave: Sanctuary
Potirion: Chalice
Prosphora: Hosts
Reverence: Sign of Cross & Bow
Sanctuary: Altar
Temple: Church
Throne (Prestol): Altar
Why don’t we just use the same terms as Roman Catholics and other westerners?
The obvious answer is that we aren’t Roman Catholics. The different terms often arise from a different theology, spirituality and liturgical tradition than that in the west.
If we are to be true to the Byzantine tradition God has graciously bestowed upon us, unworthy though we be, we are obliged by decree of an ecumenical council, canon law, the command of the pope, the order of our patriarch, and magisterial prescription to conserve intact, entire, undiluted and uncorrupted this our Orthodox spiritual and theological patrimony. Our Orthodox tradition (rite, spirituality, theology, liturgy, etc) is our contribution to the catholicity of the Church. If the Church is to be truly catholic, then we must bring to the Catholic communion our entire spiritual and theological patrimony given us by God – an Orthodoxy nurtured and developed in our Church’s history by the Holy Spirit working through our godbearers, hierarchs, and theologians.