Apolytikion (Tone 4)
The Church celebrates and rejoices
In the feast of the three daughters: Faith, Hope, and Love
And their Mother, Sophia, so named for her Wisdom;
For in them she gave birth to the three godly virtues.
Now they eternally behold their bridegroom, God the Word.
Let us spiritually rejoice in their memory and cry out:
O, our three heavenly protectors!
Establish, confirm, and strengthen us
In Faith, Hope, and Love!

Kondak (Tone 1)
The children Faith, Hope, and Love,
Were as three young promises of holiness
to the Venerable Sophia.
Through divine grace, they confounded Greek philosophy;
They fought and obtained an incorruptible crown
from Christ, the Master of all!

St Sophia IconTropar (Tone 5)
Thou didst blossom in the courts of the Lord
as a fruitful olive tree, O holy Martyr Sophia;
in thy contest thou didst offer to Christ
the sweet fruit of thy womb, Love, Hope and Faith.
With them intercede for us all.