Iconographer: Michael Kapeluck
Michael Kapeluck is an iconographer raised in the Kyivan tradition who wrote our thirteen beautiful icons in our iconostas. You can read more about him in the below article, which he graciously allowed us to share from his website, Archangel Icons.
Michael was born on July 12, 1963 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Stephen and Beverly Kapeluck. He is a lifelong communicant of Sts. Peter & Paul Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Carnegie, PA. Michael started his art training early in life, being chosen to attend the academic art classes of the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh at the age of nine. He studied in this program for six years at which point he graduated to the pre-college course of instruction at Carnegie Mellon University where he spent three years. Upon graduation from high school he decided to continue his studies in art at Carnegie Mellon, where he was accepted in to the College of Fine Arts. After four years of study Michael graduated with high honors and a Bachelors of Fine Art.
After several years of showing in area art galleries, Michael decided to give up the world of secular art to devote his life to the study and creation of the sacred art of iconography. He has been blessed to paint for churches and individuals for 25 years and continues to enjoy the challenge of pushing his skills to greater levels. He thanks the Lord for such a tremendous blessing to be able to have a sustained career in this sacred art form.
Michael now lives, paints and worships in his home town of Carnegie where he enjoys life with his wife Michele and their two children Zachary and Mikaela.