Identifying the Priest
The priest is the person who is ordained and delegated by the bishop to administers the Holy Mysteries and lead the divine services for the faithful.
He is distinguished by his epitrakhil (stole; a piece of cloth that hangs down from his neck to his feet, sewn together in front) and his phelon (a large cape-like garment cast upon his shoulders). This is symbolic of Christ’s seamless garment.
In the Slavic Byzantine tradition, a priest normally wears a pectoral cross. Priests who are given honorifics like archpriest often wear more ornate pectoral crosses, which might be decorated with inlaid stone.
Outside of divine services, a guy wearing a pidryasnyk (cassock) or a “Roman collar” plus a pectoral cross is a priest. Monastics must wear a black cassock, but married priests may wear any color with black, blue, and grey being the most common.