April 7th, 2013

Support the adoption of a “Lost Boy”

Jonathan MemorialThomas and Kat intended to adopt a little boy whose given name appeared to be Sasha and whom they would name Jonathan. He was in a “laying room” in Eastern Europe, which is where the disabled are placed in beds with little to no care, touch, or intervention. Sasha-Jonathan was 8-years-old and weighed about 11 pounds, so Thomas and Kat were rushing to get to him in time. The devastating news is that he died from physical and emotional starvation before they could save him. They very much consider “Jonathan Sasha” a son whom they never got the opportunity to hold. The 6 weeks they needed to gather funds and paperwork to get to him proved to be too much to expect from his tiny and emaciated body.

BenjaminBenjamin (the name he will be given in adoption) is a 9-yr-old who was in the same baby house as Sasha-Jonathan and was moved to the same adult mental institution. Because of this, Thomas and Kat and their family considers Benjamin to be the closest thing to a brother that their son Sasha-Jonathan ever knew, so they are saving Benjamin’s life while grieving their son who died. They still have the opportunity to travel–which could happen as quickly as this weekend or next–and they are praying Benjamin’s body will be able to wait. They do not know anything about Benjamin’s health or needs and they are adopting him on blind faith, knowing that without their intervention, he, too, will shortly die. They expect he will need extensive medical care once home.

These particular children are in an adult mental institution because they have Down Syndrome.  They are called “Lost Boys” because all documentation and attempts at adoption cease, leaving them to wither away and die, unknown and abandoned. Within the first year they’re moved to an adult institution, 80% of the orphans die. Only a few others have adopted children from the institution, but none of the children in the “laying rooms” have been adopted.

They hope to raise enough funds to make a considerable donation of needed supplies to the orphanage like fresh fruit, diapers, and medicines.

Thomas and Kat put together a video explaining their journey to their sons, which relies heavily on the account of their friend who is one of the few who adopted a child from the general populace of the same orphanage:

Hope International and Reece’s Rainbow are both well-known and respected adoption specialists. They are assisting with the adoption of Benjamin and will vouch for the family if anyone needs a reference before passing on the info or making a donation. They’ve raised tens of thousands and need about $4,000 more within just 2 weeks in order to bring Benjamin home.



2. Donate through the PayPal link on the right-hand side of their family blog:

3. Donate to the family’s link through Reece’s Rainbow, which is tax deductible. Though this is also PayPal, Reece’s Rainbow covers the PayPal fees. Thomas and Kat receive these funds when they are ready to travel.

4. Hope International will take donations on the family’s behalf. They ask that an email also be sent to dford@hopeadoption.org to say the sender’s name, that it is for Thomas and Kat’s adoption of Benjamin, and the amount of the donation so they can look for it in the mail and make sure it’s routed correctly. You can also drop them off directly.

Hope International
Attention: Thomas and Kat’s Adoption
5944 Luther Lane Ste. 875
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