February 19th, 2014

What’s going on in Ukraine?

– AP photo/Alexander Zemlianichenko

– AP photo/Alexander Zemlianichenko

“I appeal to everyone to immediately stop the bloodshed,” Patriarch Sviatoslav admonished. “I call all the children of the Church to fasting, prayer and solidarity with victims. At this moment, when Ukraine is in danger of fratricide, let all the bells in the UGCC churches ring,” he said.

Specifically he stated,”Each night at 9 p.m. [which is 1 p.m. Central], pray one Our Father and one Hail Mary for the intention for a peaceful and nonviolent resolution to the crisis in Ukraine.”

We especially invite the community to join us at St. Sophia parish in our prayers for peace in the world this Saturday morning from 8 AM – 12 PM in our Morning with Mary.

“With a worried soul,” Pope Francis has “been following what is happening in Kyiv in these days,” Vatican Radio informs. The Holy Father assured the Ukrainian people of his closeness to them, and prayed for the victims of violence, for their families, and for the injured.

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