The Resources Section
The resources section is offered here as an introduction to our church and as an aid to our faithful. The menu at left is divided into thematic categories with everything from theology to recipes represented. More is actively being added. Much of the information is here through the generosity of people and parishes who paved the way before us such as St. Elias UGCC who made their work available to us for re-publishing.
In his World Communications Day message for 2012, Pope Benedict praised the use of new media for making connections and for answering questions, but he warned that this is only an introduction.
World Communications Day QuoteThe Internet’s answers can become so all-encompassing that reading online keeps some people from taking the next step in forming a relationship. We have a generation of people who know all about Christ, but who don’t know Christ. We are restless because all of our time on the Internet has not answered those core questions that underlie our searching: “Who am I? What can I know? What ought I to do? What may I hope?”
You won’t find the answers to those questions on our website, but you will find them in our church. We warmly invite you to call, email, or stop by to speak or worship with us so that we can introduce you to our true treasure: Jesus Christ.

He has made known to us the true face of God the Father and by his Cross and Resurrection has brought us from the slavery of sin and death to the freedom of the children of God. The fundamental question of the meaning of human existence finds in the mystery of Christ an answer capable of bringing peace to the restless human heart.

The pierogies taste and smell a whole lot better in person, too!