Connected on one side to the nave and connected on the other side to the sanctuary, we have a sacristy and a vestry for the use of the clergy and servers. They are accessible through the white doors in the nave on either side of the iconostas.
The sacristy is the room where vessels and other items used for divine services are stored. Processional candles, the censor (kadylo) and incense, liturgical books, the ewer and basin for the ritual hand washing before and after Liturgy, and a hot water pot from which the zeon is poured are all located there.

The vestry is the room where the vestments of the servers and clergy are kept.
Our rubrics do not specify certain colors for certain days, but only whether the vestments are to be light or dark. White, gold, blue, green, red, burgundy, and black are colors commonly seen in the vestry.