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December 4th, 2011

Christmas Pierogies

A few pictures and a short video from pierogie making today. Christmas orders are pouring in! Father Pavlo, Pani Luba, Janet, Rich, John, Daria, Chris, Maggie, Raia, Roddy, Marie-Diane, Carol, Brian, and Dorothy were among those pinching and rolling. Many thanks to them all!

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October 3rd, 2011

Sleeping Mats for the Homeless

Your trash is another man’s treasure!
Turn your used grocery bags into sleeping mats for the homeless. Please leave clean and dry shopping bags of any size or color in the designated blue bin at the office.

Recycle Plastic Bags At St. Sophia'sThe recycled bags will be cut into strips which will be used as plastic yarn, or plarn. A bag that would sit indefinitely in a landfill unable to biodegrade, or which would have blown as litter through our streets to land in a sea turtle’s stomach, or some other similarly tragic outcome, will instead become a vulnerable person’s sleeping mat which will repel parasites and be moisture resistant, durable, lightweight, easy to store, and a great temperature barrier from the cold. How cool is that?

The first Plarn Party will coincide with the October 22 Pirogie Party. Bags will be turned into plarn and all interested, especially the youth, will be taught how to single crochet the mat. It’s the only stitch on the entire mat, so anyone can do it!